The Path to Light


The Path to Light

Authentic laws, written by God, filled with sanctity, a code of life and self-discovery, coming right from the heart of the religious genius of our ancestors, the Dacians.

1. God is THAT IT IS through infinity and eternity. We humans have given various names to the ONE THAT IS, the way our minds could conceive of it. But in reality HE has no name.

2. Our Lord lives in the Living Fire. And by the Living Fire the Lord creates or perishes the worlds. God, the creator of all things living, lies in the purple firmament and is the Living Fire that has always existed in the Sacred Light.

3. Man was created by God from a spark of its Spirit. And the spark entered matter, got dressed in matter and gradually evolved to beings that more and more resemble God. Beings are God in the making, their conscience of self grows until they reach the consciousness of God in which it is consumed.

4. The Lord exists in many worlds and as long as he IS, HE creates. The Lord reveals itself through His creation and through the beings’ selves. The beings that have a greater power of the mind, know God better. The existence that man’s mind creates has no limits just as the one created by the mind of God.

5. All that exists is the creation of God. God is one and man shall not make his gods by his mind.

6. For us, humans, God is both Father and Mother as we see Him as the ONE that created our bodies, minds and souls.

7. The greatest creators are those beings with heaven-like minds, as their minds are the ones that give them the power to create together with our Lord, the Live Fire from the purple firmament.

8. Man’s mind has no limits so the reality it creates has no limits. Man’s degree of discernment gives his measure of participation to the infinite Universe. But in his life, man must set the right limits for his time, in line with the traces the past left in his life.

9. God also reveals Himself through man’s Self. Man’s rules of living are given by the wisdom of his knowledge. All beings create their rules of living by their means of understanding the light of God.

10. Light follows light, darkness follows darkness. Follow the light of God and do not take His name in vain.

11. As human beings we are connected with the entire world through our bodies, minds and souls. We create a network of more or less controlled interrelations. The energies of the bodies, minds and souls can turn into one another.

12. Everything becomes possible through the power of our minds. But faith is the one that empowers the mind of man.

13. Feel the infinity within you like the overabundance of God.

14. The world is what you think it is; your thoughts are the ones that made your life as it is.

15. The people that surround you are the result of your believe in their lives next to yours.

16. The world as it exists is the result of the intersection of the worlds created by all the minds with creative powers.

17. Your thoughts attract the reality you are living; if they are positive, they will create a positive world, and if they are negative, that is what the world you live in will look like. Man changes his life by changing the way he thinks.

18. Dreams seem like reality and reality seems like a dream. All that exists is both dream and reality. Your reality is what you live; man must observe what suits him for the life he builds from his constant thoughts.

19. The power that unites is greater than the power that separates. The wise looks for the harmony in people. The power of the human beings comes from within them.

20. The wise thought, which comes from the light of the soul, must be followed by words and acts to come into being.

21. Follow the light within you and if you pass it on to other people it will not diminish, but will become even brighter.

22. The hidden mind (lower self), the mind of your consciousness (middle self) and the mind of the soul (superior self) are the realms where man lives.

23. All the power of life resides in the NOW. The power of NOW depends on the power of the conscience of the present. Beings truly exist in a continuous present, which changes from moment to moment. Changing your thoughts NOW will change the reality of the present and the next step to the future.

24. Man’s power always comes from within and everything he creates is the result of his inner power.

25. By manifesting the focus (aspiration) onto the past, we are living in the past, while by focusing on the future, we will live in the future; but only when the focus is on the present, can we truly live in reality.

26. People are fundamentally differentiated by the power of their mind.

27. Fear paralyzes man’s power.

28. Guilt weakens man’s energy and ruins his life.

29. Do not fall into temptation, control your urges that leaves you powerless.

30. God creates in wisdom, from love. Love, the bird with wings of fire, is the mystery of life.

31. To love means to be in God and be happy, as love is the measure of happiness and the intensity of living.

32. Growing in love, man grows in God.

33. Being in love means being in God.

34. The love of God is the beginning of wisdom and the fear of God is the ruin of wisdom.

35. Forgiveness cures at first the one who forgives.

36. The traces of the past manifest in the present because of their entanglement with the reality of the present.

37. The power of the present can overcome the predestination of the past. The man that has a consciousness of the present weakens or erases the influence of the past, manifested through the habits and patterns created by mind and kept in memory.

38. Man was created to know the divine light and rise through it to the purple firmament of God.

39. Changing your thoughts now will change the reality of the present; where man thinks about, goes about.

40. Weakening living in the present will weaken the essence of being, therefore to strengthen the being we should live in the present.

41. Learn to distinguish truth from illusion. When man doesn’t make the difference between his own soul and the fake ego, then he creates illusions and unclear dreams about the things he has seen and heard.

42. Energy flows where attention (aspiration) that shows the path of intention is.

43. Man’s world is created by the redirected energy. The power of man manifests itself where the aspiration of the mind goes.

44. During the Sacred Fire a reality is created which awakens the power of the collective mind of those who look at the fire.

45. Before acting, man must collect himself to gather his power and only then he should direct his aspiration to what he wants to achieve. And so he will be helped by the energies of the body, mind and soul, powers that can turn one into the other.

46. Fulfillment is the measure of Truth, because work shows the workman.

47. The world is what the minds of beings make it to be. The thoughts of beings attract the reality they are living. Beings can change their lives if they change their thoughts that are followed by deeds.

48. If your opinions and beliefs don’t have good results and make good people hurt, give them up because they are manifestations of the lack of light in your soul.

49. Your deeds are the measure of the truth of your thoughts.

50. God gives the right to life.

51. This is what our Lord tells us: Gods are the powers in the world, and their embodiments cannot replace these powers. But if you make any graven image or what you think is a resemblance with the Gods-power, remember that you don’t worship the painting or the graven image, or any other image you might give to those powers with your mind, but that you worship My powers I showed to mankind.

52. God is the One that sees through the light of your soul’s eyes, as God is in time and outside time, He is in existence and outside existence.

53. Creating in love, man grows in God. Love is the measure of happiness.

54. We humans are created in our own way from beauty and infinity, and nature in its wholeness is the grand artwork of God.

55. Darkness is the lack of light. Light follows light, darkness follows darkness. Light is order, darkness is chaos.

56. You, human, are the live temple of God. And when one makes a temple with one’s own hands, they are just the steps for you to get closer to God and to bring your love as an offering to God, with the hands to the sacred fire.

57. Man truly exists in a continuous present that changes from moment to moment. The consciousness of living in the present can erase the patterns of life’s flow from a past of predetermination.

58. The experience of eternity depends on the intensity of one’s mental being, in the present moment one can find all the eternity of the world and, at that moment, time dissolves.

59. Do not covet your neighbour’s goods or take any good that doesn’t belong to you.

60. You shall raise your children by the ancestral laws, as only this way your kind will live.

61. Love builds and wisdom elevates.

62. The thoughts of the experienced pleasures directs man on the path to those experiences.

63. The peoples that sanctify their history will last longer.

64. Peace of the world is bringing together the peace in humans’ minds.

65. And forgive just like the Heavenly Father will forgive your mistakes.

66. The most precious treasure man keeps in his heart in his communion with God, so no one can take it from him.

67. Slavery of the mind is born from ignorance. Strive to know and knowledge will set you free.

68. The only thing that can truly save man is love. The spring of good aspirations lies in love.

69. Follow the righteousness and do not bear false witness against anyone.

70. Be moderate in your doings and thorough in the work of your hands.

71. The path of suffering is not the path of love. On the steps of suffering you do not rise, but you descend, for they do not make a stair to heaven, but one to the depths of darkness.

72. Refrain from gathering things you do not have use for and give away the things you abound.

73. Both light and darkness are eternal and boundless in their being. Only light truly exists, for darkness is the lack of light.

74. Rising above light and darkness you will understand, from those heights where God Almighty came into being.

75. When man knows himself he will be able to see the light of the soul and thus he will be saved.

76. The Kingdom of Heaven is inside you and it will be known to you when man knows himself.

77. If God had anything to hide from man, he wouldn’t have given him the thought to find knowledge.

78. Knowledge, just like light, is of divine nature.

79. God’s mysteries will only be known by those worthy of them.

80. The foundation of eternity is love. From this divine essence is man created as well.

81. Man can be fulfilled through his love of God.

82. Remember that, whenever you will be in need, you should call the secret name of God which is ZAM. But only those who are truly searching for the light will be able to use the power given by this name.

83. Never forget the Dacian sacred fire and the souls of your ancestors. So your hearts will never be enslaved.

84. Lit the sacred fires wherever you are and you will heal and stay healthy and the spirits of darkness will leave you.

85. During the sacred fire all impurities of your souls will be purified. Look at the flames and think of all you need to do for your lives.

86. Look at nature’s rebirth every year. You should renew your being in the same way and get dressed in new clothes of life.

87. Vitality is a reality of the degree of awareness of the soul’s existence. Even if vitality comes from the soul, it expresses itself through mind and body.

88. The one who serves the Lord takes from His abundant and infinite light so he will be powerful and wise.

89. When the divine light goes straight to your heart, you will be filled with the spirit of wisdom. And he, who has the spirit of wisdom within, has everything.

90. Bring your children to the sacred fire and there they should keep their eyes open and watch. And so they will become wise men and women.

91. The sacred fire is given to men as a means of connection with the gods.

92. Always remember to rejoice at your meetings with the gods so that you know the light is in your hearts.

93. And remember that what you say in the presence of the Dacian sacred fire you are telling the gods, God Himself and to the Fairy Godmother.

94. Love heals.

95. Wisdom is the great path to God and it blossoms through hope, love and truth. The consciousness of love is the wisdom that gets man closer to God.

96. From the light within, us humans shape the beautiful world that surrounds us.

97. By accepting the gods and the fairies, all we do is discover them inside us, in the harmony of our being.

98. There is no connection between our gods and idolatry. We do not worship idols, but we revere life.

99. Examine the Universe by looking at the stars.

100. The world that is seen and the world that is unseen is the result of a crossover among all the worlds created by the minds of the beings in that space.

101. Anyone can fall during his lifetime, but the wise can rise again through the power of their minds.

102. If you can believe, all is possible to you.

103. All beings are fundamentally different through the power of their minds.

104. In regard to the caring for the mind and body, we must first care for the soul and then both head and body will live well.

105. The priest on the Path of Zamolxe must know both the mysteries of Heaven and Earth.

106. Be responsible for your acts.

107. Do good deeds in good judgment and you will stay in the light of the spirit.

108. Man is his own master.

109. The beauty of your life should be seen on your face.

110. The smile on your lips to come from your heart.

111. Look ahead, for there is your way.

112. Be active with your soul, your mind and your body. This way, your being will last in well being.

113. Carry with you the spirit of childhood and the entire life you will not feel old. Being old means giving up on life’s aspirations.

114. We, the nation of Dacians, are the sons and daughters of the Sun and light.

115. The man enlightens the minds through reason, because he can think deeply and speak to the mind.

116. Happiness is lived on the path of life, not at the end of the road.

117. After every seven days of work you must rest.

118. At least once every seven days you must light and watch the sacred fire, which is your connection to God.

119. God is first of all, inside you. Awaken that Lord and then your prayer will be answered.

120. Oh, Lord, bring me Your sun in my heart!

121. Do not ask every step of the way what you must do, for this way you will do your whole life only what others tell you to do.

122. Hope rejuvenates.

123. Do not glorify suffering under any form, for man’s suffering means his detachment from God’s heart.

124. You must pass to your descendants the ancient traditions of the wise titans, the gentle people from the past.

125. The sky makes us search, the earth to love, the sun to live, the moon to dream. This way, man’s life will be fulfilled.

126. A balanced man is part of nature and so he will understand better what deities are, as forces of nature.

127. Learn to know God Almighty.

128. When you know the gods, you will wake up in full creative consciousness.

129. You have the capacity to be part gods, namely demigods, for where is consciousness there is the identity of that consciousness.

130. Conscious beings are the consciousness of the gods.

131. He that lifteth the sword, and the sword shall die, and he that giveth blood to the gods, of the blood shall have part.

132. Gods are intermediaries of the offerings made by the good ones to maintain the goodness among people.

133. God helps the bold for the better.

134. Follow your ideals with perseverance.

135. During the sacred fire, always call the return through the reincarnation of the great souls filled with order, harmony, truth, justice and love for people.

136. Our religion feeds life, for we don’t have made-up gods, but ones with purpose in our experiences, in fraternity with nature.

137. Build yourself in faith. The faith of only one man can move the mountains.

138. Living with a divine purpose is the only way to truly live, to feel alive.

139. Darkness only exists when light is absent. Be aware that the darkness of the soul will dissipate when you will know yourself.

140. Let the divine light enter you and transform your life, for a life without light, faith and dignity is not worth living.

141. Slowly the world will be cleaned and will be well by the Live Fire, Fire of Life, the Fire of Zamolxe.

142. Don’t forget that nature, with all its gods and fairies, is sacred, looking after it is looking after you.

143. The baptism of man is made with living water, living fire and the Spirit of Wisdom that is the Holy Spirit.

144. The great mysteries of life will only be uncovered by the worthy.

145. Keep your dreams alive for this way they will become real. Optimism attracts the manifested fact. Good deeds make man’s life good.

146. Believe in the power of invocation. Although the invocation is addressed to the gods, its purpose is to balance the soul, mind and body of the one making it, healing him and keeping him healthy.

147. You are connected to the whole world. Enhance your powers with the powers of the world.

148. The harmony of nature and wisdom of man go hand in hand.

149. The one who is reborn in spirit is the one who is saved, although the body where his spirit lives is the same.

150. Love can save you from heavy falls.

151. The ones who bring people to wisdom are the bearers of God’s light.

152. The Spirit of God is the Spirit of Wisdom which is higher than the Holy Spirit. Who has the Spirit of Wisdom, also has the Holy Spirit.

153. Do not make sacrifices of blood, do not make offerings to the gods, because they do not need your offerings, but only your faith in goodness.

154. The good mind descends into the enlightened heart.

155. The Jesus prayer, in heart, leads to man’s rebirth in spirit, to his inner transformation and his becoming a being that is aware of his own existence.

156. You will keep the immortality hearth of Arian Dacians always on, supervising the lighting of the sacred fires at the gods’ altars.

157. The first step to wisdom is feeling the silence, then learning to listen and remember, and then use the good things you learn. Only after you master these can you share your wisdom to others.

158. Don’t copy others, find your own way to follow with confidence to fulfill your life.

159. Always remember that we, the Dacians, are the People of God.

160. Pain is meant to awaken you to life, to become more aware of the path you are taking. Accept this awakening and you will remain awake.

161. Learn to live your inner nature and, from the silence, joy will burst without an apparent reason.

162. If you follow the crowd, you will be lost in the crowd. Truths are revealed only to certain souls.

163. Only God is the true reality. The spark in our soul is part of God.

164. The sacred fire comes from the gods, the guardian angels gave the sacred fire to people and it is their duty to keep it alive for keeping life in harmony.

165. In the presence of the sacred fire, people change for the best. At the sacred fire, the souls are purified and filled slowly with a spirit of wisdom.

166. The wisdom of the nation is built in its words of spirit.

167. Learn from other’s mistakes so you don’t make them as well.

168. Look for the wise ones and you will learn from them to be wise.

169. The wise choose the simplicity of life.

170. Keep the cult of the ancestors and reject the cult of the dead.

171. When you do good, it is better that no one knows, only God should know. Mercy toward others is the helping hand you extend yourself, for when you will need it. But don’t give something good to an evil man, for his reward for you will come from his malice.

172. Charity is good, but oblations aren’t.

173. Both the good and the bad of our being come from our souls.

174. Good women are the ones that make you forget any misery.

175. Who wants to be loved must love, who wants to receive must give. This is the law of a beautiful life.

176. If you desert love, you will forget your life purpose.

177. When man forgets the divine laws, he wanders in the darkness he feeds with the deeds of darkness.

178. Your idols, like icons and statues, are created by human hand and their power comes from your faith in them. The sacred fire is alive and purifies the soul, while idols only delight the eye.

179. Anything in life can make a man fall, except love.

180. Honor your father and mother if they follow the light of God, but if their mind is in darkness, run away from them. It will be good for you and you will live for many years.

181. Realize that the things of the world come and go, eternity exists only in the souls of men.

182. Know yourselves and build your genealogy tree, so that your soul will not wander through strange families.

183. An unfulfilled love is like losing one’s own being. It is as if seeing God and then all ways to see Him again would be shut.

184. Do not kill unjustly.

185. Know the wise man from the life he is living. Many can seem wise by their words, but wisdom is measured by the life lived wisely.

186. Go to the wise man and take good advice for your life. The wise will know the trouble in your heart.

187. Bring the divine light inside you and so you will find answers to your problems.

188. The Laws of Zamolxe are born and reborn from themselves because they are the laws of life.

189. Realize that the Law of God is life, not the Bible, as no matter how good it is, it cannot be above the living word. Life in the light is the live word of God.

190. Listen to the wise old men. God rewards them with light and they shine bright before leaving the earthly life.

191. Whatever you ask for by praying, believe that you have received and you will receive.

192. All are equal before God. Only their way to understand God separates them.

193. Keep your right to choose and be free.

194. Don’t give your ancestors’ land to strangers for you will become a stranger on your ancestors’ land. You, man of Zamolxe, be the connection between God’s Heaven and Mother Earth.

195. Love be the foundation of your life which should follow the way of the heart and listen to the voice of reason.

196. Woman gives love to the heart, as she can sense deeply and talk to the soul.

197. Virtue means power.

198. Look deep inside your being and there you will discover the gods and mysteries of the world. And when you look at the world of the stars, you will see yourself.

199. Hard work will make your life abundant and you will enjoy the fruits of your arms and mind to awaken the soul within you.

200. Listen to what nature tells you, follow the path of nature’s harmony.

201. The joy of the senses is given by God for man. Awakening the senses is how we encounter God.

202. Give up everything that does not bring you peace and contentment in life. The path of suffering does not lead to God.

203. Bring harmony in your mind and then you can understand the mysteries of the heart.

204. The great mysteries can be found in your soul and you will find them when your soul will wake up.

205. Man’s life is like a garden. If he takes care of it, it will be beautiful like the flowers in it and the garden will be fruitful, and if he doesn’t take care of it, it will turn into decay.

206. Tell yourself I AM in the presence of the living fire and so you can enter the gate of being, of knowing yourself.

207. In the morning when you wake up, feel the light of God going into your heart. And your day will be full of joy and you will be content with what you do.

208. The way of the gods is easy because it is the way of the heart. Step in confidence and it will take you to the harmony of the purple firmament.

209. Beware of the quarrel and gossip of men.

210. The wickedness of man will not touch you if you do not let their dark thoughts enter into your mind.

211. Be firm like the rock when the darkness of other people surrounds you, and do not let them lure you.

212. Much is given to us without effort in the world, the sun brings warmth, the rain brings fruit, the birds sing. Why should we not be happy in the life given to us by God?

213. The work of your hands be thorough, even if you work for yourself or for others.

214. Sharpen your senses and you will feel alive in the world.

215. When man awakens his ancestral memory, he acquires great powers.

216. The beauty of the body is the way God shows us the joy of living in the body. The beauty of the mind is the way God shows us the joy of the mind in harmony. And the beauty of the soul shows us the joy of God.