10 guidelines

  God is Everything and Everything is God

 The 10 guidelines of God

1. Oppose evil, respect the truth, look for justice and fill your soul with light. If you live by these rules, the power of darkness weakens.

2. Live in harmony with people, but if they are not peaceful, they must be confronted, for their minds are ruled by the darkness.

3. The man who makes a mistake, must make good if possible, and if not, must receive the punishment for his mistakes.

4. Respect everybody, but if someone does not deserve the honor you show him, ignore that person.

5. In everything you do, follow the light of God.

6. Those that have the Spirit of Wisdom go into the kingdom of God and are immortal.

7. Do not give offerings to God or the gods based on killing beings and destroying flowers or fruits; deities do not need man’s material offers. Your sacrifice must be understood as giving up chaos in thinking, words and deeds.

8. Learn from every nation what is best from them, so the light of your nation will shine so much brighter.

9. Live a simple, beautiful and just life.

10. Watch the flame of the sacred fire, your connection to God.

The Laws of Zamolxe