10 commandments

  Believe in yourselves! Love life and love each other.

 The 10 commandments of God


1. I am the God, Yahweh your God, do not make your gods by your mind.

2. Gods are the powers in the world, and their embodiments cannot replace these powers. But if you make any graven image or what you think there is a resemblance with the Gods-power, remember that you don’t worship the painting or the graven image, or any other image you might give to those powers with your mind, but that you worship My powers I showed mankind.

3. Follow the light of God and do not take His name in vain.

4. After every seven days of work you must rest. And at least once every seven days you must light and watch the sacred fire, which is your connection to God.

5. Honor your father and mother if they follow the light of God, but if their minds are in darkness, run away from them. It will be good for you and you will live healthy.

6. Do not kill unjustly.

7. Do not fall into temptation, control your urges that leave your powerless.

8. Do not covet your neighbour’s goods or take others’ goods that do not belong to you.

9. Follow the righteousness and do not bear false witness against anyone.

10. Refrain from gathering things you do not have use for and give away the things you abound.

The Laws of Zamolxe